Monday 9 March 2009

We are still undecided on the most important part of the trip: the route. Anja would like to go through both Italy and India in particular but is not so keen on Iran because of the possible problems cycling through as a woman. We have talked to friends that have been through Iran and they say it might be difficult particularly as we are not married.

I am inclining to a more northern route through Eastern Europe, the Ukraine, Russia and Khazakstan. This though would be a very different trip to Turkey, Iran and Pakistan to India.

I feel we must decide on the route soon as this is the biggesd ponderable and getting visas etc is for me the most boring and possibly troublesome part.

The bikes we also need to decide upon. Anja is keen on having a Rohlhoff hub and I think this is a good idea as it is supposed to be reliable and virtually maintenance free. We will take steel frames and 26" wheels as we will be quite heavilly loaded with the camping gear and all so strength and repairability is important.